Business networking can be a very productive tool, but for you to benefit from it, you need to network the right way. There is a difference between marketing and selling. Networking might be somehow similar to selling, but the key difference is the fact the sales are dedicated to a particular market when networking. When you network, you are not selling your products or services, but rather looking for a match.
Business networking is all about exchanging information and knowledge. You can share information about you, your business, other businesses and even about information on other specific subjects.
As mentioned, the aim of networking is to find a match, and this always involves two sides; you and the other party. This means that you should focus on getting in networks where your input has the best chances of getting a match.
If you enter a network that is mainly focused on info and contribution of certain knowledge, and your focus is to know people and socialize, then your matching chances are reduced. If you enter a network that puts focus on referrals, and your input is information and specific knowledge, then your chances are ideally minimal. So, it is best to look for a group or a business network whose focus is similar yours, and you are certainly going to get matches.