When I was in college, it could not be stressed enough that we needed to learn the important of proper business networking. Having great networking skills is essential to building meaningful and often profitable relationships that last and help someone excel professional. There are all kinds of classes, workshops, free resources, etc. on how to develop and use these skills to succeed.

With the boom of technology, these networks have mainly appeared online. You can see them in professional websites, such as LinkedIn. You can instantly link to professionals and even follow companies that you are interested in. Groups allow the different people in various areas to chat about things in the industry, discuss opinions, and foster better professional relationships to benefit everyone. There’s a Minnesota Roofing group that I found out about from just browsing the web and finding directories.

The other nice thing about these networks is that they can connect you to physical networking opportunities. While online networking is important, you can rely on it solely. I think it’s important to meet with other professionals face-to-face and speak with them to build positive rapports.

I’m no networking expert. However, I know how important this skill is to advancing the ladder, so to speak. You can never tell when that one connection could really help you out with your professional, and sometimes person, situations.